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30 Bach: The Goldberg Variations Podcast

Apr 30, 2021

Variations 26, 27, 28, and 29. These variations vibrate with joy, energy, excitement. We explore the times when Bach could let loose and lose himself in play within his music.‍

First interview conducted on November 10, 2017, over Skype. Second interview, and recording of performance conducted on August 6, 2018.

Apr 23, 2021

If the Goldbergs are a celebration of life, variation 25 is a reckoning with mortality, revealing pain but also providing comfort. In this episode, we hear from many different people, including pianist Jeremy Denk, Washington Post critic Philip Kennicott, scholar Eric Motley, pianist William Heiles, and dancer Melissa...

Apr 16, 2021

Variations 22, 23, 24. Interview with Kevin Sun, medical student and concert pianist. We discuss sources of joy in Bach’s life, and his ability to conjure joy, warmth, and humor in his music as an antidote to the tragedy that follows.

Musical recording credits available...

Apr 9, 2021

Variations 19, 20, and 21. Pianist Rachel Breen didn't have an ordinary classical music education; guided by her father, not himself a musician, Breen began with a diet exclusively of Bach. This episode delves into what it's like to learn Bach's music as a student -- the practice, the errors, the experimentation --...

Apr 2, 2021

Variations 16, 17, 18. Bach was a consummate craftsmen -- he knew not just how to write music, but how to build it. In this Interview, we speak with pianist Jeffrey LaDeur and his student, Ken Kocienda. Kocienda was lead software engineer behind the Apple iPhone and developed a strong affinity for the...